Thursday, December 18, 2008

Takuya Kimura !!

Konnichiwa ~

yeah !
jus wanna read sumthng dat i like n l0ve ..
da japanese actor n he's also a musician...
act he's da bes actor 2 me..
y0katta !!

i jus like to say,
he's ad0rable.
dye juge,
pndai uat mimik muke..cute !! OMG~
i n0e, dye da 30-an
but n0 one can stop me to l0ve him..
demo.......................(but in eng)
it's not bc0s his encem face only..
dye ini sgt pndai belakon,
n lakonan dye dlm drama series,
m0st of them,
is meaningful...
give me spirit and enthusiasm to success in my life...
0ne m0re thng..
japanese series or m0vies,
m0st of them is n0t only ab0ut l0ve (c0uple)
it's ab0ut..
sesuatu yg menyuruh kite berusaha bersungguh!
try to l0ve people (family,frens n etc etc)

ganbatte olie ~!!


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