Sunday, December 14, 2008

Introduction to law...~

salam to all readers..
everyb0dy will have their own ambition n dreams..
probably have it.
it jus same like me as human bein dat to have an ambition n many dreamss..
actually i'm in love wif law.
when i'm kids,
i always set in mind to be a d0c..
my m0m's dream..
i want to fullfil her dream..
but n0w, i c0uldnt...
bc0s i started to l0ve n to be a lawyer or insyaAllah a magistrate one day..
it's began when i realize that i c0uld speak well...
i mean, when i'm 14,
i j0in debate c0mpetition in my class (ust.ziyanti did 4 islamic studies)...
even it's look like a small c0mpetition,
but, no b0dy kn0ws dat i really excited t0 debate...
1st of all,
i'm pr0ud wif my frens dat c0uld speak well better than me,
n i just l0ve it..
l0ve l0ve l0ve it..
i enjoyed the debate c0mpetition..
after that,
i always thinking..
keep thinking dat am i sure to be a d0c..?
at that time, i still wanna be a d0c.
but when i'm 16,
i studied ab0ut bio, chem n physics
n i realize dat i really d0nt l0ve them...
i cant stand wif them anym0re n seri0usly,
sumtymes i hate it..( ak mls membaca fakta2 sc sebnanye..hahha)
it's not really interesting to me..
then, while ch0osing the best decision for me,
i met my c0unselin teacher, Pn. Tengku to advice me..
after answered all the test given (personality test, characteristic etc etc)
YES ! it's true that i'm suitable to be a lawyer............

let's c0nt wif the definition of law itself --->

What is law actually??

one of legal scholar, Benjamin Nathan Cardozo define the law as..
''Law is the principles or rules of c0nduct so established as to justify a prediction with reasonable certainly that it will be enforced by the courts if its authority is challenged''

other legal scholar , Hobbes define the law in a simple sentence that may be understand by people :
'' Law is the c0mmands of Him or Them that have coercive power''

actually there are many definiton of law by scholar,
but i can conclude that
''law is actually a system of rules or a set of rules enforceable by a state which the parliament, gov, king, Monarch or court has made it and everyone need to foll0w or otherwise they have to face sanction, punishment or penalty as c0nsequences of its breach...''

that's all for now..
i'll give more n more info in my writing later..
remember this...
''tuntutlah ilmu smpai ke negeri China''


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