Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Man with MoneyyysssSSS$$$

tetibe rase nk buat kesimpulan maybe kesinambungan cerita dr 1 entry blogger yg bru je sy baca.
yeah. it's about a guy .
putus tunang sbb this guy just jual burger.
pompuan tu nk putus sbb ade laki len yg kaya nk kat dye.
dye cimok her fiancé yg hanya jual burger katanya. xde mse depan.

enough bout this.
ak just nk komen regarding this matter.
sgt seronok nk didebatkn.

i just want to voice out my opinion.
i'm not denying that money is very veryy important.
but are you sure girl that the MONEY that belongs to a MAN,
can give you happiness + love???

i know i know.
i'm pretty sure that MONEY cant buy EVERYTHING.

i give you 1 situation :
1st :
your man, bought a BMW 00 MERCEDES car for you.
hell yeah, i love i like.definitely sygss !!
but then, this man,maybe ur SBF (special boy friend), or ur HUBBY,
has a habit or an attitude.
suke pukul ko. ske hentak ko. maki hamun. kaki betina.kaki segala kaki.
yg boleh rosakkn keturunan ko.
xpun hancurkn fmly ko yg diimpikn bhgia..
do YOU think MONEY can BUY the happinesss???

so that...
this is the answer.
u think wisely dear frens.
esp. girls yg simply wanna get MONEY/LUXURIES from a GUY yg kononnya kaya.
mampu buat ko bahgia with the LUXURIESSSS that HE will gave youu once u marry him
or maybe once u be his SGF.

why not dear...
you stdy well.
or work by urself.
earn money + all things u want,
by urself,
rather than depends on a GUY. - yg kaya -

if u really want it..

i'm afraid,
you and i,
jadi hamba duit,
xpn, xdpt cinta Allah..
sbb, utk dpt cinta Allah,
kite kene tunjuk yg kita x terlalu cinta kan dunia...

semoga kita mendapat rahmat driNYA. :)

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