Sunday, December 14, 2008

Law and Morality.......

I love to write on this topic..
law closely related with morality..
there are three relationship between law and morality..

Category 1 ..
Rules which are legal and immoral..
for eg : prostitution and gambling..
everybody n0es that this actions are immoral and wrong but there is no punishment will be imposed by law on those who are committed this actions.

one more in thing in this category is..
Rules which are legal but not connected to the concept of morality.
eg : rules relating to traffic offences.

Category 2 ..
Rules of moral but not legally enforceable.
there is no selected body set up by the state to ensure obedience. It's more to voluntary to do this followed by the people.
eg : give respect to elders, give salam etc etc.

Category 3 ..
Rules which are immoral and illegal.
eg : rape, incest, murder, rob...
It's considered and totally wrong against moral and at the same time they are illegal in the eyes of the law...there must be a sanction being imposed by the person for those who are committed the actions/crime.

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