Saturday, January 10, 2009

sem 2..the last sem..


sem 2 kali ni lebeyh interesting n mencabar...
i have a l0t of subjects which r quite difficult to sc0re but interesting to learn...
they are :

1.Global issue
2.Social Psychology
4.Intro to law 2
5.Intro to law 3 (c0ntract law n penal c0de as well)
6.English for pre-law (more to public speaking,debate n forum)
7.English for pre-law 2 (more to writing and make arguments)

1st week we still relax..even we hv to study since we have a test for global issue paper on the nex week..
but 2nd m0re relax...
act, ak ske kn asgments or w0rks (seems like a crazy girl rite? )
to me, kalo kite ade keje diberi oleh lecturer,
it's actually we g0nna learn m0re n m0re..
especially one which is closely related to my study..
last week, sir BEL340 give my class 2 asgments...
we all need 2 fine 2 issues dat we g0nna make arguments on that issues..
i will do my best in diz sem..
insyaAllah better than las sem..
Allahumma zidni ilman, warzukni fahman ..amiin !

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