Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Motivate Yourself Every Single Day !

Talking bout this topic, remind me bout many quotations that i've heard previously..
either in malay or even in english..
the quotation is...
1. dlm menghadapi krisis, kau lah menetukan sama ada matang atau malang..
2. nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm..
3. ijtahid wala takasal, fannadamah a'la yatakasal..(maksud : berusaha, jgn mls, dan kekesalan bg org yg mls) hambek kao bahse arab nye quotation! haha
4. gagal sekali x bermakna gagal selama2nya
5. man jadda wa jada (brgsiapa yg berusaha, pasti berjaya)..hambek kao sekali lg bhse arab daa..
6. nothing impossible is impossible..

dan laen2 lg...
i'm actually bored rite now..
i'm thinkin to post a new at my blog..
then, i've decided to talk about this. HAHAHA.
bajet pulok..speakin2 kan..

why we need motivation for ourselves?
why why n why?
it's because, people easily de-motivated when they get bored..
when they failed twice or maybe more in their works..
and also when other people didnt support him in his work and look down on his capabilities..


how to remove this???
yeahh..like i said , we need to motivate ourselves every single days..and maybe for every single seconds !!

How to motivate ourselves??
every people have their own ways in order to enhance their spirit/enthusiasm !
i will speak to myself many positive words..
i will remind myself what is the purpose of i'm doin this work...
i will remind myself about my target..
i will dream about the happy ending after i finished my work..
i will think about the consequences if i stop doin my work..
lastly, i will refer to other people and take advice from other people..
if good, i will follow youuuu..if not, i will ignore uuuuu..huahuahauh..

sometimes, your problems become the barriers for u to move and achieve your dreams + target..
sometimes, your problems will de-motivate you..
BUT THEN...do you want to run away from the prob by ignoring or u keep thinking without any solution and action taken...
Instead of thinking bout what is your problems, better u think bout 'how to solve the prob'..
and what is the action should be taken...
hmm~ this might help u to solve the prob
and make u more n more motivated to achieve what u want ... :))

i think, i should stop here la. sbb nantok aaa :)
ari ni post ak agak serius sket topik nye..hehe
dh mlm ni..mau tido...tata


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