Wednesday, December 10, 2008

sem break !
wot a complicated sem break..

i felt so b0red.
but somtymes i felt good..

i always sleep on my bed..
my weight also gain,..
dats n0t a big matter wif me..

i hangout wif frenss..
my bestie,
but still felt n0thin.

i had a hols tyme wif fmly..
it jst in k.l..
we only may did wot we always do..
kinda like.....bowling, m0vie, shopping...

wot i need is..
go 2 a peaceful n of c0urse my fav place.

it's like a beach..
act a beach..
or waterfall..
or anyplace dat hv lot of water n angin sepoi2 matematik tambahan...(i pick from my sir raouf words)
n of c0urse it's n0t a sunway lag0on or wetworld etc etc...


i miss 2go there...
a beach...
an island !
o's0me !!

dat's my village.
b0red to go there.
somewhere like redang island..
wat a tremend0us mem0ry..
i've been there b4,
when i'm 16.
wif frens..
it's a great tyme !
even we didnt do much xtivity
it's fullfil my dream..
n quite en0ugh jus 2go there n jus lookin at de island...
yeahhh !!

i'll go there again 1day..
wif my syg


stop here..
i'll c0nt to tell b0ut my college n UITM ~~


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